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    Tips For New Mothers

    If you’re planning to be a parent or are expecting a child soon, there are a few things you need to expect. Alongside that, there are things that you have to know before being able to raise a child.  Be A Little Open With What You Feed Them Expect strange eating habits. Provide a choice of alternatives. Don’t rush, and don’t panic. When they’re hungry, they’ll eat. Your child is, after all, a human being. Try not to be so bland with what you feed your child in the early weeks or first year and just add in a little colour. For instance, instead of oats or porridge, you could…

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    4 Pillars of Branding

    Could you please define “brand” for us and explain why it is important? Consumers use brands to help them decide what to buy. In a sea of similar or identical products, it serves as a guiding light. This is important for businesses since a strong brand makes customers less price-sensitive to products and services, meaning they are prepared to pay more for them. This boosts profit margins and the value of the company. Marketing is not the same as branding. Branding entails determining a brand’s “meaning,” or the associations that indicate what you want it to represent in the minds of customers. Marketing entails utilising all available resources, such as…