3 Most Scariest Movies Ever Made

3 Most Scariest Movies Ever Made

What lurks beneath the veil of the living, the psyche of humanity? Ghouls and demons and spirits of old – do they wander about, terrorizing people beyond the mortal plane? Or do they reside in us ourselves; in the horrors we unleash, the traumas we endure?

Is it scarier to fear the unknown or the known?

Horror has always been an incredibly popular genre in both literature and film.

Even back in the olden days of filmmaking, there was something strangely riveting about making and watching a scary film – of being on the edge of your seat the entire time, gnawing off your nails in anxiety, only for the final spook or twist to happen and leave you haunted by the horrors it unleashed. The horror film genre is a vast one, comprising all sorts of different subgenres like slasher, psychological, supernatural, and etc – all the things that target the inherent fears that reside in all our brains.

Sometimes, watching a horror movie can get your adrenaline pumping just as much as riding a rollercoaster, or even placing a sizable bet on a casino Malaysia. Fans of the horror genre love nothing more than curling up on a couch, a nice hot cup of something warm in their hands and chips under their arm, and immerse themselves in the horror of the screen. And if you’re one of those horror fans – well, buckle up!

1. The Shining

Adapted from horror novelist Stephen King’s famous book, The Shining was a film released in 1980 that has since gained an enormous cult following and has been hailed as one of the scariest movies of all time.

The film follows Jack Torrance, a troubled man who was enlisted to help watch over the Overlook Hotel over the winter with his wife Wendy and his son Danny. Over the long winter, the large hotel is completely empty; and large patches of solitude and isolation blanket the three caretakers for a huge majority of the movie. Soon enough, vaguely supernatural things begin occurring – people begin materializing out of nowhere, horrific visions plague the hotel inhabitants, and the audience is never too sure if the hotel is truly haunted or if the family is simply losing their minds. Eventually, Torrance succumbs to the madness – seizing an axe, he pursues his family with the sudden, rabid intent to kill.

2. Psycho

One of the greatest horror movies of all time, Psycho is definitely a beloved classic.

Released in 1959 and directed by the genius Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho features the murder of a girl Marion at the Bates Motel; and subsequent investigation into her disappearance. The caretakers of the Bates Motel is a young, nervous man named Norman, and his mysterious mother Mrs. Bates. While investigated by download game 918kiss , murders continue to plague the hotel – and the young Norman’s worsening nervous disposition paints both him and his mother in a suspicious light. While the film initially casts Mrs. Bates as prime suspect, it’s eventually revealed that she died in a murder-suicide years ago – and that a mad Norman, dressed up as Mrs. Bates, was actually executing the murders all along.

3. Poltergeist

Another classic horror film from the 1980s, Poltergeist is a truly terrifying tale of thrills and supernatural possession.

Following Steven and Diane Freeling, as well as their young daughter Carol, the film follows a series of malevolent hauntings in the Freeling family home. After their daughter starts conversing with a television tuned only to static, disappears into a portal in her closet, and starts speaking as a voice through the television, the Feelings consult a group of parapsychologists, and then a spiritual medium – who finally uncovers the truth that the house is haunted by ghosts. To save their daughter, they must enter the portal of the unknown – but who knows what they may find there?