Best bandar sri damansara condo for rent

Best bandar sri damansara condo for rent

We have expressed my opinion in many circumstances, we reiterate it here again, it being understood that you can read the specific in-depth analysis on for bandar sri damansara condo.

In order not to lose the thread of the discussion, We list the salient concepts here:

The revaluation of the property considering inflation is very slow and low: not always what is revalued can be considered a (good) investment. Keep in mind that historically, considering inflation, the value of a property has hardly been revalued by more than 1% on an annual basis;

A good investment should allow you total freedom in the management of the asset / product you have invested in, but with the brick you do not have this freedom: if the property purchased is your first home, you will not be able to immediately resell it, also because you will first have to find a other accommodation. So it serves to give you housing security, but not to invest, as an investment must be leaner

A house needs ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works that affect your assets (but if you don’t, the asset devalues ​​and deteriorates);

The interest you have to pay to the bank if you have taken out a mortgage also affects your assets.

In short, all these reasons lead me to say that buying a house is not an investment.

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Can we really afford to buy a house?

Most of people’s financial problems come from poorly thought-out, not to say foolish, choices. Taking the step longer than the leg is a risk that you absolutely cannot afford!

For this reason, when evaluating the purchase, first make the calculations on the mortgage that you can afford and then focus on the active search for the apartment. Below We propose a small method to think better.

Method to think about the installment to be paid

Deciding which installment is suitable for your needs and possibilities is fundamental: the management of your finances for the next few years is at stake! And therefore it is good to go there with lead feet.

The factors to consider

To correctly calculate the mortgage for you need to consider some elements. Assume that every mortgage has clauses, penalties and even promotions that not everyone takes into consideration. However, the focus should be mainly on:

Income: obviously you must have in mind what your monthly availability is.

Capital: it is the sum that you will ask the bank and that you will obviously has to repay with a lot of interest through your installments.

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