Essential Opportunities for Renting Condo Now

You can of course search for a home online, but you can also engage a real estate agent. Do not forget to inform your friends and family about your search and to always keep an eye out on the street to make sure that you don’t see an interesting ‘For sale’ sign anywhere.

The viewing

If you have a house in mind, you would of course also like to visit it. During such a viewing it is important not to be overwhelmed by the seller, but to critically assess the property. It is therefore important that you make a checklist in advance. For condo for rent in pj this is most essential now.

For example, note:

  • The incidence of light
  • The heating
  • The glazing
  • The electrical installation
  • Possible moisture problems
  • The condition of the roof and the woodwork
  • The facade cladding

Of course it is about more than checking technical requirements. You also have to fall a little in love with a new condo in pj. Wonder if you really want to live in the house in question. After a first viewing you can make an offer immediately or come by a second time, possibly accompanied by someone with more knowledge.

Negotiate the price

Making a well-considered offer is not easy. If you bid too low, the chance that the seller will take the bait is small, but of course you don’t want to pay too high a price. It is important not to be blind to the asking price. Therefore, study the real estate market and find out how much similar homes cost in the same region. This will give you an idea of ​​what a realistic asking price is. Offering the asking price right away is of course an option if it is financially feasible for you. Yet it is not abnormal to try to negotiate fifteen to twenty percent of the asking price. Not everyone can negotiate well. There are several techniques you can use to negotiate a lower price:

Point out the disadvantages of the house: this is how you can justify a lower offer.

  • Make it appear that you are actually more interested in another house. Maybe the seller will lower his asking price.
  • If the seller declines your initial offer, you can suggest “doing the stick in two” (meeting each other in the middle).
  • When the negotiations are completely at an end, you can mention your highest, non-negotiable offer.

The compromise

As soon as you have reached an agreement about the sale of the house, it is important to put the agreement on paper as soon as possible. When the buyer and seller sign, the sale is sealed and there is no more noncommittal obligation. That means that the seller must then decline any offer that may be higher.

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