Gambling Anime you can check out

You know there are all sorts of anime out there, about various things. The imagination when it comes to finding a topic to make a story and adapt it into an anime is wild. From sport animes, to ‘shounen’, to slice of life, the categories are massive in numbers, there is even an anime about the cells in our bodies!

So it is no surprise that there will be an anime or two about the activity of gambling.

Ah, gambling, an easy way to make tons of cash and also an easy way to lose a ton of cash too! It truly is a heart racing form of entertainment. And should also be the reason why there are anime which revolve around the activity of gambling, in various contexts. 

Because of the range of topics anime can revolve on, the context of the gambling can also be played with, from characters gambling to save their life, gambling to save the world, etc. 

Gambling is also a great place where you can find good anime antagonists, it’s perfect, you have high stakes, cheating, pondering. Gambling as a whole is a perfect setting for an anime, so here are some awesome gambling based animes you can choose from!

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya (Gambler Densetsu Tetsuya)

This older series and historical anime is set in Japan in 1947 and is adapted from the manga of the same name. In the streets of Shinjuku, where life is hard and some resort to gambling to get by, a young traveller named Tetsuya is victorious in his games of mahjong against other opponents, until he meets Boushu-san, who is also amazingly skilled in mahjong. 

Tetsuya then realises he has so much more to learn and thus begins his adventure. So if you are interested in mahjong, then this 20 episode series will be sure to perk your interests!

Mahjong Legend Akagi: The Genius Who Descended Into The Darkness

Another anime about mahjong, this one focuses its story on impulsive gambler, Nongou, who is currently in debt. His current predicament lands him into the darkest pits of society where he begins to gamble around the mafia.

This series is packed full of intense moments that may leave you on the edge of your seat as Nongou’s life is literally being gambled by himself in this 26 episode series. The element of psycho-thriller will be sure to add some fuel for the heat. 

Death Parade

This anime is set in the after life, that should get your attention, unless you are an avid anime fan, this kind of setting would not really surprise you…

In the world that Death Parade takes place in, there is no heaven and no hell. When you die, you are sent to one of many mysterious bars where you gamble for your life.

Games like poker, darts and even air hockey, decide whether a soul will go back to be reincarnated or sent to the void… 

This 12 episode series, riddle with dark humor and high-stakes tensions will surely bring enjoyment to viewers as the characters gamble for their life.

Perhaps you can simulate this tension by trying out your luck in this V3 online casino! Sure you may not have the stakes as high as the characters in this particular anime, but it would be rather fun to try your luck!

One Outs

The anime tells the story of a talented baseball pitcher, Toua Toguchi. By day, Toua is a baseball player, but by night, he is a passionate gambler. 

Toua plays a simplified version of baseball, referred to as one out. Toua is tasked with helping a team win, but he plays by one rule. From every out he pitches, he gets 45,000 yen and for every run he lets go, he loses 450,000 yen. How exciting!

This 25 episode series, like all the series mentioned above, put you on edge with its psychological elements. 

And those were some gambling orientated anime in which you can check out today! But remember folks, gambling is a form of entertainment, don’t actually put your life on the stake by gambling your savings away!

Gamble responsibly!