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How to become a nurse? Universities, requirements, possibilities

A nurse is a profession that requires substantive background, experience and, above all, vocation. The Polish health service suffers from a lack of qualified nursing personnel – the number of people of retirement age employed in this profession is growing. In order to be able to replace generations in 2018-2033, an additional 69,886 people should join the ranks of nurses. What kind of educational offer are candidates for nursing at their disposal?

What skills does a graduate of nursing have?

The studies should provide detailed knowledge of nursing, medical sciences, law and ethical standards. The permohonan kolej kejururawatan for graduation is able to provide comprehensive care for patients, including the disabled and the dying. It can provide services for the promotion, health and prevention of disease. In addition to knowledge in the field of nursing and other medical sciences, after graduation, a graduate should be able to skillfully solve professional problems in difficult situations, provide professional help to patients of all ages, conduct scientific research, organize the work of subordinates and their own in accordance with the law, apply regulations law in professional activity, develop human resources policy, develop health education programs and implement them in accordance with the requirements of a given environment.

What’s on the Nursing Study Plan?

Nursing studies are practical. However, in addition to practical skills, the student must acquire extensive medical knowledge. In the study plan, the candidate will find subjects related to anatomy, physiology, pathology, genetics, biochemistry, biophysics and many other fields. Humanities are also important: psychology, sociology, pedagogy and ethics, which will facilitate understanding and contact with the patient. The third module of classes concerns health promotion, dietetics and optional classes, which students choose according to their interests. The most important part of the study plan seems to be the database of classes on all specializations that can be taken by graduates in their further careers. Among them there are, among others internal, pediatric, surgical or life-threatening nursing.

permohonan kolej kejururawatan

Collegium Medicum

During recruitment for the 1st degree Nursing at the Faculty of Health Sciences, the result of the matriculation examination in biology is taken into account, and the choice of chemistry or mathematics is taken into account. The limit of places is 200, and recruitment starts in June. In order to take up second-cycle studies, you must take a placement test with 100 questions that must be answered within 100 minutes. The grade from the course of studies is not taken into account. The limit of places is 60. There is also the possibility of studying extramural, provided that the first degree studies are completed. 

What after nursing studies?

In order to start working as a nurse, a graduate of nursing studies must obtain the right to practice a profession, which is granted by a selected district council of nurses and midwives. In order to receive them, in addition to the diploma of nursing, you must have legal capacity, be in good health and have a clean ethical attitude. After the district council of nurses and midwives has confirmed the right to practice the profession, the new nurse is entered into the district register of nurses and receives a document entitling to practice the profession of a nurse. Thus, she becomes a member of the nurses and midwives’ self-government and belongs to the chamber competent for the place of performing the profession.