Perfect selayang condo for rent: Your Ultimate Dream

The choice of buying a house to renovate is, at least in theory, the cheapest one (a lot will depend on the type of finishing that will fit inside). The important thing is to be able to correctly evaluate the property : the cost of the house must be added to that of the renovations. It is necessary to examine what conditions the property is in together with a professional, correctly evaluating the impact of the works and project costs.

A Nice Purchase for You

Whether you buy it to make it your residence and settle there with your family or if the goal is to win it and then rent it, the purchase of a property in need of renovation can be an excellent investment. As part of a restructuring, it will also be possible to take advantage of the opportunities made available to amortize the expenses by the government. The reference is to the selayang condo for rent, which can be accessed if you intend to carry out thermal insulation interventions for the building envelope, earthquake prevention works and replacement of old boilers. Most of the times the older buildings are equipped with obsolete systems and no longer performing fixtures.

To obtain the 110% Eco-bonus, however, an improvement of at least two energy classes must be guaranteed (in relation to the entire building, for example a condominium, or to the functionally independent unit). This result must then be demonstrated through the Energy Performance Certificate: an important step from a green and sustainable perspective. This bonus is valid for expenses incurred by December 31, 2021.

The choice of environments and their dimensions

A new selayang condo for sale will have reduced and optimized spaces, resulting in a smaller overall, for example spaces such as the atrium and entrance corridor disappear.

  • An apartment to renovate, especially if it dates back to the second half of the last century, will offer more freedom of movement and more welcoming ceilings. When buying a house, you have to pay attention to these details: the number of bathrooms, the outdoor spaces, the parking space and the exposure of the rooms in relation to the access of natural light (important on the energy consumption side).
  • Buying a selayang apartment for sale 2021: yes or no? Before launching into a substantial purchase like this, it is advisable to pay attention to a number of elements. Among these, first of all the real estate market trends in 2021 and the differences compared to the previous year.


Surely in 2020 the real estate sector also saw some problems and a certain crisis, especially in the period of the lockdown. Despite this, it must also be considered that buying a house is one of the main needs of people, who are constantly looking for accommodation.

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