Perfect Taman Desa condo for sale As Per Your Deals

While on the one hand residential real estate prices will tend to contract considerably, and rents will decrease, while on the other hand the monetary availability of households is placed under stress due to the reduction in monthly income, to the usual question whether it is better to buy or rent, the answer for 2020 may not be easy . While for the following years it is possible to make plans. Best Taman Desa condo for sale for you now.

Residential forecast to buy or rent

Rents in the residential sector, on the other hand, will contract up to 7.3% in 2021, and then recover in 2024 and 2025, years in which rent reductions for the two-year period 2020 and 2021 will be halved.

  • According to Real Estate Scenarios, the forecasts are of course for a decline in the number of trades at the end of the year, given the stop of the lockdown. There is a trend that also depends on the evolution of the economy and state incentives. While as regards the discount margin on the sale price, it will be possible to go from a 5% pre Covid to a 10% and beyond.
  • The lowering of the purchase prices of a residential property, and the reduction of the interest rates that are in negative terrain allow, albeit in a very difficult economic context, to be able to plan the purchase of one’s home, or evaluate, in case of rent, a housing change being able to take advantage of lower rents and therefore, at the same expense, be able to access an extra room.

An article reported that according to a survey on about 1000 real estate agents, from May 4, the day of reopening of the activities, visits to condo near klcc both for sale and for rent, have resumed at full capacity also taking advantage of the virtual guided tour. The potential demand even seems to have grown and the first purchase proposals have been collected, also benefiting from the stock of over 20,000 transactions not completed during the lockdown period. After dark, therefore, the first glimmers of dawn begin to show, confirming that the Covid-19 pandemic has not quenched the desire for home.

Buying a house: some advice

Buying your condo for sale Taman Desa requires time and financial availability. Choosing your own nest requires identifying the solution that best suits the needs of the family. The consequences of the pandemic have shown that it is necessary to rethink our spaces.

People are also willing to buy in a suburban neighborhood in order to have an extra room. There is a demand for houses that are wired and in any case suitable for sharing work and daily life. The spaces for common services are assuming more and more value and importance, albeit revised with an eye to social distancing. Consequently, many builders are redesigning real estate initiatives in this sense.

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