Ready-mix concrete – advantages and applications

Cement is the main ingredient in ready-mix concrete. Whether in bulk or in bags, expert companies use to offer its customers top-quality cement for their construction requirements. Cement happens to be a fine powder acquired from the calcination at 1,450 ° C of a combination of clay, limestone, and iron ore. The product of the calcination process use to be clinker – the main element in cement – which is ground finely with gypsum and extra chemical additives to make cement.

Cement use to be the most extensively used construction substantial in the world. It happens to provide desirable and useful chemical for ready mix concrete Malaysia for example compressive strength (the building material along with the highest strength per unit price), sturdiness, and aesthetics for a variety of construction applications.

Some of the properties of cement-based products are:


The hydration reaction between cement and water is unique: the material sets and then hardens. The hydraulic nature of the reaction allows the hydrated cement to harden even under water.


Before setting and hardening, the hydrated cement exhibits a plastic behavior. Thus, it can be transformed into molds of diverse forms and shapes to produce aesthetically interesting architectures, which would be problematic to attain with other building materials.


When used correctly (for example, with good concrete mix design practices) cement can form structures with a long service life that withstand extreme climatic changes and chemical attack.


Used with proper design, cement-based materials can provide excellent sound insulation.

Additives are ingredients in concrete or mortar that, in addition to water, aggregates, hydraulic cement and, in some cases, reinforcing fiber, are added to the mix immediately before or during mixing. They are used in order to modify the properties of concrete or mortar, whether in a fresh state, during setting or in a hardened state, to make it more suitable according to the job or requirement given and to meet the particular requirements and specifications of each type. structure. The characteristics achieved through the use of additives, which in many cases cannot be achieved by other methods or in such an economical way, are:

Improve the performance of a concrete mix under certain stresses.

Ensuring the quality of concrete in severe environmental conditions during the mixing, transporting, placing and curing stages. For more articles such as this one, click here.