The Basics Of Designing Your Coffee Shop

When thinking of opening our own coffee shop, the quality of coffee is not the first factor that comes to our mind. The quality and brand of the coffee come to a second when thinking about our interior.

We understand the importance of appearance, especially in a coffee shop. The ambiance is part of the coffee that we buy. We go to coffee shops for the warm environment, the coffee happens to be a plus point. Consequently, creating a point of differentiation using your coffee shop design will take the basics and maybe, a bit of the magic touch of a designer as well. This is where the list of interior design companies in Selangor comes to our rescue.

 An interior designer can take your coffee shop from a cottage core decor to industrial decor and maybe even to a pastel-themed wonderland. Before going into any of the more complex design aspects, every coffee shop needs to remind itself of the basics. The basics are relevant no matter the type of design you choose. 

  1. Narrow Down Your Target Audience 

When designing the coffee shop, it is not our own vision that we are trying to establish. The vision you have must be shared by who your target audience is. Your target audience has acquired tastes and preferences that you might need to understand. For instance, the millennial target market craves a whole lot different interior than the Gen Z customer. The Older Gen Z also differs from the younger Gen Z. Times are steadily changing, and so are the trends for each generation. It has become more vital than ever to fully understand your target customer and their behavior, to be able to satisfy their needs and attract them to your business. 

  1. Choose The Concept Wisely 

Now that you have your target market down, did you envision the concept? You can fumble with more than one concept. This will focus on both the designers and also the customers. Your customers are living in your concept so it must be consistent. Your concept must also reflect your brand. Sustainable brands often go for green concepts or minimalistic concepts. The concept you have will be carried down every coffee shop you open under the chain. For instance Starbucks, their interior remains the same whether we are in Argentina or Malaysia.  The familiarity, the brand story, and values must be reflected through the concept. 

  1. Instagrammable And Aesthetic

This goes without saying. We can no longer expect to serve quality and the finest of coffee and expect customers. Customers expect you to have a personalized and beautiful space for them. A tasteful and appealing space also means that your business continues to get exposure and differentiation from other coffee shops. 

  1. Food Technology 

Before you choose your finalized theme, think about the food technology investments you will make for your coffee shop. The automated system makes your coffee shop special and this must be visible through the design you establish. The likelihood of inaccuracies that may cause customer frustrations will decrease when functions in your coffee shops are automated. Customers today are demanding and very much in a hurry as we are on rushing on the coffee run. Make sure your establishment and design include the space for any automation and food technology.

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