What Exactly Should Regular Drinkers Do To Protect Their Liver?

No matter how big or small, alcohol is always there for you. However, it is your liver that suffers most when you drink heavily over a long period of time. Even without being drunk, alcohol can damage your liver like a silent killer. First comes fatty liver, then alcoholic liver, fibrosis, cirrhosis, hepatitis until the liver loses its function. Taking hepatitis medicine malaysia could help you enhance your immune system and protect your liver if you are a constant drinker.  Although people know that drinking is harmful to the liver, there are times when they have to drink. Some people are so dependent on alcohol that they can’t avoid it and have to drink a little every day. So, how can people who drink, and really cannot avoid alcohol, take care of their liver health?

Reduce your intake

The most important thing for people who drink alcohol and take care of their liver is to avoid alcohol. If it is not possible to avoid alcohol, then it is important to do so by drinking a little less and then a little less. Minimising the amount of alcohol you drink in will reduce the burden on your liver and will also reduce the damage.

Say goodbye to mixed drinks

Even if you can’t avoid alcohol, don’t mix and match them. Mixing multiple drinks can greatly increase the chances of liver disease. Studies have shown that people who regularly drink mixed drinks have a much higher chance of liver disease. The alcohol content and composition of various types of alcohol are different, and mixing them can be more harmful as the body cannot adapt to the changes. Therefore, it is important to drink exclusively, one type of alcohol at a time, not more than one type of alcohol, and not to mix alcoholic beverages.

Eat more green vegetables

People who drink frequently should eat more green foods to nourish their liver. For instance, Broccoli strengthens the liver’s detoxification ability and helps improve fatty liver. Asparagus detoxifies and protects the liver and protects liver cells from alcoholic toxins.

Have enough sleep

The liver will detoxify and repair itself during sleep. Therefore, people who drink alcohol should pay more attention to ensuring a good sleep. Sleeping well at the hour of the son and taking a nap at lunchtime will conserve the liver. Once you stay up late and do not get enough sleep, it will increase the burden on the liver and affect its function.

Maintain a good mood 

Emotions have a huge impact on the liver. Bad emotions such as anger and rage can easily lead to liver qi stagnation and damage the health of the liver. A good mood can help de-stress the liver and help to express liver ‘qi’, reducing the chance of liver lesions. Maintaining a good mood helps to de-stress the liver and improve liver function.