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What makes a house location in Selangor strategic?

 People living in Selangor are the kind of people who would want a peace and harmony environment to start building their lives. They would want to avoid traffic, noise, and cities full of toxic pollutions. Not saying that living in Kuala Lumpur serves no benefits, but sometimes people rather not take the risk. A strategic place would be a place with obvious advantages and considerable problems. That is why most people around Malaysia would likely choose to stay in Selangor, even when they are working in Kuala Lumpur. Apart from the toxic pollutions and heavy traffics, Kuala Lumpur is also known for its expensive cost of living.

   One of the things is retail stores. Usually, you can find retail stores just 10 minutes of walking or driving from your house. If you are staying in an apartment, you can get this by going down to the lobby. Some of the retail stores’ examples are convenience stores, grocery supermarkets, food, and beverage store, and clothing stores. How these stores make the housing area strategic is you can just move around only in your housing area to buy the essentials without having to go out to the mall. For instance, people in Setiawangsa are provided with a lot of malls and known grocery supermarkets like Rosyam Mart, but because of their heavy traffics, unfinished constructions, and center of attention in Setiawangsa. People tend to get frustrated for finding just one parking space, and when they could not find it, they have to go through it all over again. They usually end up not buying anything, and go to another place. Compared to Shah Alam, where people love to come for affordable food, and less traffics. If you are looking for one, they have a house for sale in Shah Alam. Not to forget, knowing how dangerous it is to be somewhere with strangers and not knowing their travel history in this global pandemic lockdowns. The government specifically asks us to stay home. Thus, these stores help us in providing and keeping us safe at home. 

 Education facilities like college, schools, and nursery give more reputation to the housing area. People with families are looking for a short-distance school so their kids can walk back and forth to school. Not only that, but the Selangor environment is also known for its safe and friendly environment compared to Kuala Lumpur’s. Therefore, parents would not have to worry about their children’s safety while they are somewhere else working. Kajang has some good schools and a safe environment neighborhood for people. Their friendly neighbors also are very considerate and trustful. Therefore, I do not think anyone would regret if they ever choose to build their life in Kajang. 

   Last but not least is the facilities. Facilities are like transportations, the gym, playground, swimming pool, recreational park, parking spaces, and driveways. Most housing areas are provided with all of these. But not everywhere these facilities are maintained. Some are destructed by the people themselves. Some are given with limited parking spaces. Thus, all the cars had to double-park each other and sometimes create more traffics. I know Mutiara Damansara house for rent, their facilities are clean, well-treated, and safe. 

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