Where To Learn About App Development

In Malaysia, the average salary for a mobile app developer is about RM 6k to RM 109k per month. The mobile app is quite high demand nowadays but there is a lack of app developers especially in Malaysia also is actually quite hard to find mobile app development companies Malaysia. If you think you are interested to involve in learning about app development please do so because there are many companies willing to take you to join them. If you have certificates in doing mobile app development is a bonus also make an excellent portfolio to impress your client or your future boss. Actually, to be honest, you can make more money if you working individually as a freelancer.

The next question that popup in your mind is, “How I am going to be a good mobile app developer”. Here is the answer, you must seek knowledge from the internet or pursue study in a related field such as computer science. There are many platforms that you can study on your own such as Youtube, websites, blogs, and sometimes social media.  You also can find inspiration to create your own app on Pinterest. Pinterest is actually a really great platform to seek inspiration. If you do not know yet, Pinterest is founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp.  Udacity, CodeHub, Solo Learn, Programming Hub, and Khan Academy might be your choice to learn how to create an app. 

Other than learning on the internet, you also can further study Computer Science. It actually a really good step if you are planning to further study at university or college it is really good because you will have a proper certificate and of course a proper education. There are many talented and experienced lecturer that are willing to teach you. Normally, the lecturer also will give tasks and assignments that will benefit you a lot like asking you to do the online portfolio. In doing your assignment you might want to join us here for the best mobile app developer Malaysia group. You can find many links for the group on the internet. You also want to view more mobile app developer Malaysia to get some inspiration to be successful like them. 

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If you thinking to be an app developer just go on with your ambition. There is really a lack of app developers out there so you can be one and the salary is quite high. If you are still young like still in secondary school but do really like to learn more about the computer language just go and learn it from google and when you are old enough to enter the university to college you can choose to pursue in computer science and after you graduate you can be an app developer. For now, gain more knowledge and experience as much as you can. Solo Learn is a very good platform that you can learn how to code because it has an app on the Play Store and App Store. See more famous social marketing services Malaysia.