300mbps Unifi

Wifi? There are a Lot Better Options Now

In practice, the internet speeds will be at the output of the chip. The simple fact of passing on an antenna will already lose 25% of the speed. The speed must then be shared with all devices connected to the same modem. Then, the greater the distance and the obstacles, the more the speed will decrease. The 300mbps Unifi service offers the best solution in this case.

Can the Modems Work?

The modems provided by our operators generally offer 2 networks. The first in 2.4Ghz and the second in 5Ghz. 2.4GHz will have the advantage of going further while 5GHz will have better short-range bandwidth in the case of the IEEE 802.11ac standard.

The choice to use 2.4 or 5GHz may be linked to the fact that in urban areas, the number of wifi is important. There can therefore be many more disturbances reducing the quality of the wifi network accordingly. Most wifi systems are managed automatically by selecting the best frequency. But the best doesn’t mean it’s good, it just means the least bad in some cases. Other elements inside your home can also seriously interfere with the signal, whether it’s devices or just the home itself.

The Other Point

Another point to take into account; each device connecting via wifi has its own rules. Take the example of a signal. A good signal is 0, a bad one is -110. Some peripherals will switch or forbid themselves to use it from -100. Others will go as far as -110 with the risk of having a disastrous user experience. A device switching to 4G faster is not necessarily a device suffering from bad wifi. Rather, it will be a device that cares more about the user experience such as when doing online grocery shopping. It is therefore not always easy to objectively compare 2 pieces of equipment.

Different systems exist to improve the wifi signal, either via the use of terminals offering better quality, or via the use of several antennas connected by cable, or via the use of the antenna kit communicating with each other by wifi and playing the role of repeaters or even mixed wifi and CPL kits. The choice will be made in general on the available possibilities and the budget wishing to be allocated to this solution. Otherwise, you can go for the 300mbps Unifi. It is a way better solution.