Precision framing in Johor

CFM- Precision Framing in Johor

Precision framing in Johor is hard to comeby. Quality precision framing is even harder. CFM Technologies, a firm based in Malaysia, is however the answer to one’s frame structure related issues. The company is dedicated to bringing quality solutions to one’ structuring and precision issues. 

Precision Framing in Johor

CFM Technologies SDN BHD is a one stop shop for one’s engineering and manufacturing needs. It specializes in bringing its clients the best and top quality machinery products and services that money can buy. Using state of the art technology and efficient fabrication processes, the firm has been transforming raw materials into quality products. 

The company has managed to avoid the cardinal mistake of getting too comfortable with who they are and what they do, CFM Technologies SDN BHD has evolved over time to fit the needs and requirements of their ever growing clientele. They have also expanded their product line to accommodate as many clients, new or old, as possible. The company also caters its international clients from their office in Johor. The strategic port location allows them to fulfill their overseas orders as soon as possible. 

CFM Technologies SDN BHD is an industry leader that is currently providing support and building materials to  marine, oil & gas industry, automation & industrial machine sectors, semiconductor industry, aerospace industry, and food and beverage industry. 

The company aims to be an even bigger industry leader in the department of manufacturing and engineering of high quality, high mix products. They also aim to be known for global standards, technical expertise and strategic regional capabilities.

In addition to this, CFM Technologies SDN BHD wishes to provide the best value to our customers and partners from beginning to end. This entails delivering high quality products, excellent service standards, and dedicated value added support. 

Precision Framing in Johor

In terms of services, CFM Technologies provides the following, 

  1. Precision Machining. 
  2. Sheet Metal and Structure Fabrication. 
  3. Parts and Machining Assembly. 
  4. OEM Manufacturing Solutions. 

Precision Machining

Highly complex tools and machines require a high level of precision to produce. CFM works with the client’s exact specifications to deliver high quality and high complexity manufacturing services all across Malaysia.

Sheet Metal and Structure Fabrication

Sheet Metal and Structure Fabrication refers to the dedicated teams at CFM using their fully equipped facilities to fabricate, cut, bend, and alter the properties of metal to produce highly viable metal sheets and structures that meet the requirements of the clients. 

Parts and Machining Assembly

This refers to the customization of machine parts and tools. Combining engineering capabilities and conventional machinery with CNC processes CFM Tech.  provides extensive customizable solutions to produce a wide range of customized parts and tools equipped with a number of functions. 

OEM Manufacturing Solutions

CFM Tech. is a highly reputable original equipment manufacturer in Malaysia. They mainly specialize in sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining in Malaysia. Other specializations include,  parts assembly, electrical work, hydraulic work, load testing, and final testing. This is done in order to ensure that the final products are both functionally and structurally accurate. 

Precision Framing in Johor