Diploma in Islamic banking

Islamic Finance for Beginners

Individuals who are sensitive to interest must have sufficient knowledge of Islamic finance in order to have a consciousness of saving and to be able to evaluate their savings correctly. Individuals with little knowledge of Islamic finance generally avoid financial units by hesitating to make transactions in the field of finance. In this case, the individual is not able to direct his / her financial future well, and the savings that have been saved remain inactive by not being transferred to the current economic system. For such reasons, individuals’ financial knowledge and experience, in a sense, financial literacy should be increased starting with the youth especially in knowing Who To Get Assistance From In Times Of A Financial Crisis.

Diploma in Islamic banking

However, there are obstacles to the development of Islamic finance. One of the most important obstacles is that Islamic finance products are not recognized sufficiently, their differences from conventional finance products are not known, and trained manpower is not sufficient. In short, Islamic finance literacy is low. Vision 2023 to 15% in Turkey determined to reach this target of Islamic Banking shares should create awareness especially among the young in this area.

The aim of this book is to create and encourage the Islamic financial literacy of young people. This book will not only serve to raise awareness of savings and recognize appropriate investment products but also contribute to achieving the goal of sustainable growth through the establishment and strengthening of the Islamic finance human capital infrastructure. 

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A Masters in Islamic Finance is a course based on the importance of the industrial practice of Islamic finance. The many areas of specialization for all doctoral students will continue to be used in the course of their studies. The Widad University program is designed to provide all students with quality education and skills in the field of a Diploma in Islamic banking Islamic finance. Students taking the Masters in Islamic Finance have the opportunity to explore the broad aspect of traditional Islamic management of finance. A Master in Islamic Finance is a postgraduate course for leadership students who want to understand the complexities of Islamic finance and management of moral, legal and regulatory systems. Students learn the best approaches to solving the many challenges in the industry. The various skills acquired through the coursework are conceptually the best professional competencies for anyone pursuing a career in the industry. The program equips students with the current issues affecting the Islamic financial sector. The course recognizes the need to develop general and specific skills in the industry. This is going to affect future career choices for students.