Modern Technology Changing Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be a mundane, but necessary task to carry out daily as having homemade meals are not only healthier and cheaper, but also necessary to provide extra boosts of energy to help you last a long day of school or work. However, this process is affected by the threat of the coronavirus as it continues to loom over the world. Although the government still allows citizens to only go out to purchase necessities, it can severely affect how much one can buy due to limiting how many people can go out per household. Of course, this would affect how much a person can carry and would require multiple trips to get all of the necessary items. 

Thanks to modern technology, this issue can be easily resolved as it is easier to buy grocery online malaysia than physically visiting the stores and purchasing your groceries while lowering the risk of being infected by the virus. Although most grocery stores and e-commerce apps offer online delivery services before, the virus has led to online purchasing and delivery services becoming more popular than before. It also provides users more alternatives to other stores and apps to compare prices much more easily.  Additionally, users can purchase groceries and have them delivered to other households, especially those that are only elderly. This significantly helps the elderly as not only are they not tech savvy enough to use a smartphone, but they are prohibited from leaving their house due to their weakened immune system making them more vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus. 

One of the downsides from purchasing online is that you can’t manually select the quality of the groceries you’re buying, which leaves you with no choice but to deal with whatever is the quality of the ingredients they delivered to you. Although most e-commerce apps like Shopee, Grab and Fave are providing ways to purchase groceries more easily, some products could deceive users by selling them at a lower price than the market’s standard. This would leave app users to solely rely on reviews and hope that their purchases come in high quality. As mentioned before, some elderly folks are not tech savvy enough to purchase their own groceries online as they would feel overwhelmed dealing with new technology. Thus, it is up to tech savvy adults and youths to be responsible for teaching the elderly on how to use smartphone devices properly.

With the help of technology, we can solve many issues that we find annoying to deal with or adapt to the new lifestyle that involves us staying at home. Although vaccines are circulating around the world, there is no guarantee that it will be 100% effective against the virus as it is consistently evolving and developing new strains, infecting even vaccines that are considered to be 95.3% effective. Therefore, it is important for citizens to continue practicing SOP even after being vaccinated to prevent the virus from developing a new strain and rendering the vaccines useless.