Prepare Your Workstation To Work From Home

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With remote working becoming a norm, more and more people are finding themselves to be working from home more often than working in the office. So in order to not lose focus while remote working, it can be too comfortable working from home. Why not build your own workstation so that there is a sense of segregation between work and home in your own home.

Here is what you need to prepare:

  • Dedicated workstation
  • Wifi
  • Laptop/desktop


What is the reason why people feel demotivated when working from home? That is because a lot of people find it too comfortable when working from home as in comparison to working in the office. For example, the bed is in close proximity, no supervision from the manager, home makes you feel too comfortable and etcetera. 

Having a room to work is simply not enough, prepare your very own workstation that has the feel of “work” to separate the feeling of work and home. Prepare all the things that are needed for your work. Physiologically, your brain will automatically make you feel that you are working rather than relaxing at home. Additionally, dress for work even for remote work. Another reason why people feel demotivated when working from home is that they are feeling too comfortable in their house clothes. Hence, in order not to feel demotivated, dress like how you would normally wear for work so that it can help you to make you feel like you are working in the office.


Without a doubt, this is the most important element of remote working. One can have all the equipment and a dedicated workstation. But without wifi, remote working cannot function. During remote working, you need good wifi for work meetings, sending/receiving emails and communication with coworkers through the working application. So, if the internet connectivity in your place is not strong enough for remote working, it is time to upgrade your internet with unifi Malaysia. With strong wifi, you will spare yourself the trouble from internet buffering, and have a smooth remote working experience.


Last but not least, you must at least have a laptop to do your work. Either you use your own laptop or your company will provide a work laptop for you. If you have the budget, you can consider having your own desktop for remote working. The advantage of a desktop is that you will have a bigger screen to stare at. Not just that, the desktop is also faster and more powerful than a laptop. Not just that, since you will have a dedicated workstation, why not go all-in by putting a desktop to complete the setup. Yet again, this is down to your decision.


In conclusion, these are what you need to prepare for remote work. At first, it may not seem easy to adapt to remote working. However, after a while, you will slowly but surely get used to it. Lastly, there are pros and cons when it comes to remote working, we just have to adapt to it.

 Unifi malaysia