Reasons To Preserve Our Ocean

People often took advantage of the existence of our ocean. As you know the ocean covers most parts of the Earth’s surface, like two-third of it. Without water, we can hardly survive living on Earth. For example, the sea plants, for example, Posidonia, produces about 70% of the oxygen that we use to breathe. Many people who work at the sea like marine services Malaysia often come back and tell their wondrous stories about the sea. Just imagine because of the lack of our responsibilities as the smartest creature on this planet, these wonderful gifts disappear?

One of the reasons why the sea is so important to us is because the ocean gives us more oxygen than the Amazones. Typically, we think the rainforests are our primary resources of oxygen, but in fact, the rainforests only produce 28% of oxygen, while the sea pretty much gives us more than 70% of oxygen. But how does it really work because we basically do not see any plants or forest in the middle of the sea? Actually, we have these tiny living creatures living in the sea called Phytoplankton that is known as microscopic plants, it works the same as trees which absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. 

Another reason is the ocean regulates the earth’s climate. On basic understanding, the ocean basically soaks the heat and delivers warm water from the equator to the poles, and cold water from the poles to the tropics. Without all these normal behaviors from the ocean, some regions might have to go through extreme weather and only fewer places would be habitable for human beings. In another word, the water absorbs carbon dioxide, in order to maintain the carbon cycle, and based on the temperatures on earth, it balances everything up. You can imagine it as the primary control system of our global climate. 

Last but as important, that the ocean is an important source of our food. You can say that the primary source of protein is the ocean for literally more than a billion people. Fish has about 15.7 of animal protein consumed globally. Some people who cannot consume insects or other animals can basically consume edible seaweed as good alternatives in order to gain more protein. As our world population grows about 1.5 million people every week, the ocean is something we rely on continuously more, especially for survival, and nutritious food sources. For more interesting articles, click here.

To conclude, we have so many kinds of awareness and organizations who hand in hand spreads this information and help especially in getting people to acknowledge the importance of taking care of our oceans. Yet, people still take it very lightly as the ocean is known to be quite big and the problems are hardly visible to humans’ eyes. As we grow older, our future generations are slowly taking and moving towards becoming our new leaders and how do we expect them to know our responsibilities in managing our oceans when we did not do it in the first place?