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Top 3 Of Huge Scale Data Breach Cases

The cyber world has no limitations to what extent it can go. Everyday, we woke up to more and more amazing news of how some creations have finally come to life and are able to be experienced by the general public. So many things that do not exist in the last decades, have been created and breathed life and soul into it and make it physical appearance now. Pretty sure years ago, we would never be thinking of robot vacuum cleaners to be tangible just like how it is becoming a super must-have item for every household across the globe. Not only that, the corporate world which has also been corroborating in close proximity to cyberspace in having it to manage their data have resulted in many good impacts. It is really highly recommended for work data to be secured in a computer system of the organisation. Failure to do that will result in many unthinkable situations such as the infamous cyber attacks.  

penetration testing specialist


In early October 2013, a security blogger at Adobe reported that almost up to 3 million data of users had been stolen by professional hackers. The data contains customer credit card details and also their login data. Despite those being encrypted, the hackers still manage to get their hands on it. Thinking that the hacking shenanigans is over, Adobe still has not gotten themselves an appointment with a penetration testing specialist to analyse the whole system vulnerabilities and to discover further threats. However unfortunately, in the same month the hacking happened, another cyber attack was planned on Adobe and a whole lot of 150 million username and password have been obtained by another party illegally. Not only that, their debit and credit card information have also been exposed due to the hacking. 

A few years fast forwarded, Adobe was called to the front to settle the payment of 1.1 million as a legal fee and a certain undisclosed amount to the users who had to be in this unexpected situation all due to their carelessness in maintaining their cyber security. It was later revealed another 1 million was paid to the customers. 


The widely used graphic design tool Canva had been in the same hacking situation back in May 2019. The Australian based designing tool had suffered an incredibly bad attack where almost 137 million users had their personal login details exposed. However, Canva managed to find the suspected culprits. Before the hackers could do anything further than viewing the personal social logins, the organisation took swift action by closing down their data breach server to stop any more steps taken. Despite the viewed information, credit card and payment data were not accessed and none files were stolen due to the fast action made by the organisation. 


Yahoo which has been a go-to web page for people to get their emails created and for the general public to read their daily news have been hacked and gotten their data breached countless times over the past few years. The victim of one of the biggest data breach cases in history, Yahoo suffered a lot and almost 3 billion user accounts were impacted due to this big scale hacking event. In 2014, almost 500 million users’ personal login details were stolen including their real names, addresses, birth dates and telephone numbers. Before this even happened, in 2013, 1 billion user accounts were being obtained by the illegal party where even their security questions and answers were taken clean. Yahoo has several suspects of this cyber attacks and one of them is a state-sponsored web which added up to more mysterious controversies in this topic. 

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