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What Would Be the Best Solution to Stop Virus Spread? Disinfection

What is the method through which the virus spreads? What strategies can we use to protect ourselves? Is it really necessary to use disinfection gels? What is the proper way to apply them?

When confronted with an outbreak of the scale of COVID-19, it becomes imperative to take preventative measures. And in order to fully appreciate the importance of anti-contagion measures – from the necessity of using hand sanitizer gel outside the home to the necessity of washing hands frequently to the importance of social distancing, you must first have a clear understanding of how coronavirus spreads and, consequently, of how contagion occurs.

dr. clo covid 19

What causes the infection to occur?

The transmission of Coronavirus, or COVID-19, occurs from man to man in all high-risk situations in which there is a presence of water vapor (for example, gyms or, better yet, changing rooms) because of the presence of water vapor allows the virus to spread more easily.

Droplets of mucus in the lungs: a vector for infection

In particular, the biggest respiratory droplets, referred to as droplets, are associated with a high viral load and serve as a vehicle for infection in subjects who already have symptoms such as colds or coughs, and are associated with individuals who have a high viral load.

  • The virus is expelled by a person when he or she coughs or sneezes, and the droplets that are expelled land on all surfaces in the immediate vicinity, including clothes, which is unpleasant.
  • Inevitably, we are completely exposed to it and come into contact with it either via touch, ingestion, or inhalation, depending on the situation.
  • As a result, the nose, mouth, and eyes are the most sensitive routes of transmission and infection, and we often continue to touch ourselves with filthy hands without even realizing it is happening.
  • It is unfortunate that even individuals who show no signs of illness and who seem to be in the last stages of incubation may still spread the disease to others.

Personal cleanliness and social distance are important

The most important factor is thus the need for social distance: at least one meter between each other, with no handshakes, kisses, or embraces.

When the virus is discharged does not matter to new mothers or others, it starts to degrade in terms of viral concentration, although it has been shown that it may live on surfaces for a few hours depending on the ambient conditions (humidity and temperature).

According to my memory, an infected individual may infect an average of two and a half other people, cautions. In this way, closeness to symptomatic individuals, as well as proximity to items that may have been contaminated by infectious respiratory droplets, serves as a key signal of paying close attention.

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