Where, how, and why to study video game design?

Video game design and development have become increasingly popular and profitable careers. If you have ever had the idea of ​​not only playing video games but of being part of its creation process, but you don’t know where to start, this information, recommendations, and tips will be of great use to you.

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General information

If you are going to dedicate yourself to the design or development of video games, it is advisable to study at least one course in your chosen discipline. The tutorials work but up to a point, because they do not explain the why of things. Some kind of study is worth completing in order to enter the industry.

There are many types of jobs that one can pursue with a career in video game design, Widad will explain them later.

Possible careers / approaches / jobs

Game Designer – This designer is usually the one who creates the concept of a game. Your tasks can be to write the story, create key elements of the game, or supervise the entire project.

Level Designer – A Level Designer is generally dedicated to creating a specific level within a game and must have extensive 3D modeling skills.

Art Director – The art director decides the entire style of a video game. Lead all the other designers (character, color, storyboard, scene, etc.).

Character designer – they design the characters of the various titles. They offer loads of templates so that the other artists involved in the project can work properly.

Artist of Color – These are the artists who apply a certain lighting and specific color to everything that is done so that the design is consistent with the “theme” of the story.

Storyboard Artist – Storyboard artists are the ones who take concept art to the next level. They create detailed scenes from the story.

Scene Artist / Designer – This artist creates the majestic backgrounds of video games. Create a general atmosphere.

Vehicle and Props Designer – This is a designer specializing in materials and construction. You must create new vehicles and other technological items within the story.

Creature Designer – Such a designer should have extensive knowledge of animal anatomy and should imagine new creatures for the video game they are working on.

Component Designer – Design specific elements within a game. These can be objects or even mini-games.

Assistant Producer – The assistant producer basically takes care of everything going on time and on budget. It must be a great organizer.

QA Tester – it is dedicated to testing games, detecting errors, and verifying that everything works as it is supposed to work.

Programmers – they are in charge of different aspects related to programming within a specific project or video game.

Video game journalist – he is dedicated to journalism but specialized in video games.

Sekiranya anda hendak melanjutkan pelajaran, anda boleh mempertimbangkan diploma dalam bidang sains kejurulatihan.

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